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I've been kind of dead for a while.


Too busy with life and school and family and a million other things I can't talk about or explain because there's nothing I can really say.

I really miss doing the things I did, though. I just wish I could have more time to do them, but I'm busy with too many things and I find myself not having space for all of them.

You can usually find me on Twitter MasterMind777 or Gtalk me Those two methods of communication are always open.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go die again.
  • Listening to: Silence
Lotta stuff happened in the past few months. Lost a good bit of my papercraft collection. Spent two months hunting moths. I have a hardwood floor now, so they're trapped outside. Take that!

School has been hectic with IB, but I'm still alive.

I also finally bought a bunch of parts and assembled my desktop computer, so there's that. But that was because my laptop died. So I guess I also lost a bunch of WIP papercrafts. And my camera broke this summer, so I can't take pictures of any crafts I build. All of my papercrafting is currently indefinitely on hold. (Like I had time anyway... ^_^ )

On another note, I have been playing Brawl again recently, so if anyone feels like challenging me to a few games or whatever, just leave a comment and I'll hopefully get to it when I have time and you're still interested.

That's all for now... x_x
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  • Playing: Donkey Kong 64
I am currently dismantling my room due to a huge moth problem that developed while I was on vacation. And I found a dead moth in my ceramic Creeper D:

I am now psychologically obligated to throw out any of my papercrafts with holes large enough to conceivably fit a moth. Goodbye, Dorrie. Goodbye, Spindel. Count Bleck. Half-finished SSBB Mario. And others.

You will be missed ;_;

EDIT: Not Lifesize Mew as well! TT_TT Although Dorrie seems to be empty...
  • Listening to: Pandora radio stations (Daft Punk, deadmau5, etc.)
  • Reading: No time for that, taking apart my room
  • Watching: moths. And my room slowly being dismantled.
  • Playing: No time for that, taking apart my room
  • Eating: No time for that, taking apart my room
  • Drinking: No time for that, taking apart my room
Thank God for sugar. I'm currently fueling myself with a spoonful of sugar every hour or so. ( ゚ヮ゚) I'm all right, I think. Just twitching occasionally. I need to do these two assignments I should have done last week. I'd have done them when I was supposed to, but I was doing homework for other classes and I have an averse fear of doing any work at home. Haha, oh well.
  • Listening to: Pandora radio stations (Daft Punk, deadmau5, etc.)
  • Reading: the info sheet for an EA3 assignment due Monday...
  • Watching: Matlab installing.
  • Playing: too late, no more time for that!
  • Eating: pure sugar. Lots and lots of sugar.
  • Drinking: the occasional RC Cola.
Turns out I didn't do any stuff this summer because I had stuff to do. Go figure.
  • Listening to: the tires screeching on the roads of Amman
  • Reading: all my summer reading/work that I put off...
  • Watching: the sights and attractions and stuff.
  • Playing: too late, no more time for that!
  • Eating: lots of good Jordanian food.
  • Drinking: a variety of delicious, fresh juices.
No more school for two months. I guess I can do stuff now.
  • Listening to: the whirr of my laptop's fan
  • Reading: this mood
  • Watching: the lines of moving light that make up the display
  • Playing: on my Nexus One
  • Eating: Pickle chips
  • Drinking: RC Cola
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  • Listening to: the tune in my head, but I'm wearing earbuds.
  • Reading: this journal for mistakes
  • Watching: the lines of moving light that make up the display
  • Playing: on my G1 after flashing OpenEclair 1.2.2
  • Eating: Eclairs. No pun intended. I really am. Or was...
  • Drinking: nothing. You think I'd ruin the taste of eclairs?
Hey, can you do me a favor? Some of my friends started a site for lots of stuff, like games, sheet music, drawings, etc. and they're trying to get people to join it. So, will you please join? All you have to do is take 2 minutes and join. Plox? (IMPORTANT: Put the location as 'mastermind777' so they can tell who got the most followers, because they've got this small 'contest' to see who can get the most people to join, and that person will get the title of 'Recruiter'.)