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Lotta stuff happened in the past few months. Lost a good bit of my papercraft collection. Spent two months hunting moths. I have a hardwood floor now, so they're trapped outside. Take that!

School has been hectic with IB, but I'm still alive.

I also finally bought a bunch of parts and assembled my desktop computer, so there's that. But that was because my laptop died. So I guess I also lost a bunch of WIP papercrafts. And my camera broke this summer, so I can't take pictures of any crafts I build. All of my papercrafting is currently indefinitely on hold. (Like I had time anyway... ^_^ )

On another note, I have been playing Brawl again recently, so if anyone feels like challenging me to a few games or whatever, just leave a comment and I'll hopefully get to it when I have time and you're still interested.

That's all for now... x_x
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December 26, 2011


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